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Conference Agenda 

Day 1 - June 20th



09:15 – 09:30

Conference Opening and Welcome

Miquel Serracanta, CSCMP Board of Directors Member

Sebastian Jarzebowski, President, CSCMP Poland

09:30 - 10:10

Keynote Speech & Fireside Chat

Dr Terry L Esper, CSCMP Board Chair

10:15 - 10:40

Session 1A (Conference Room)

Integrated Value Planning, 

Professor Bram Desmet, Solventure 

Bram will present a new vision on integrated planning called Integrated Value Planning or IVP. It goes beyond S&OP or IBP, by natively integrating financial planning and supply chain planning, by natively connecting sales, marketing and resource planning, by connecting the broader supply chain eco-system, and by including sustainability trade-offs into the heart of our planning processes and decisions. Bram will present an 8-stage IVP maturity model, that shows how to get beyond S&OP and turns IVP into a business planning as opposed to a supply chain planning process.

Session 1B (Project Room)

Mapping for the future

Luca Gelsomino, Assistant Professor, University of Groningen

The journey toward Net Zero goals in supply chains challenges the delicate equilibrium between sustainability and resilience. Directives and regulations recently introduced in Europe push strongly for sustainability across supply networks, whereas geopolitical risks and economic uncertainty call for resilience and agility, sometimes at the expense of the same Net Zero objectives. This is exemplified by critical materials, which on one side are more and more relevant for the Net Zero goals, but on the other present key challenges in terms of resilience, being plagued by geological constraints reflecting in geographical, infrastructural and substitutional challenges. Facing those challenges, mapping the supply chain emerges as a key component of the journey towards Net Zero. This presentation will explore current challenges to resilient and sustainable supply chains, from geology to CSRD, in the context of EU Net Zero ambitions. More specifically, it will discuss why it is paramount to change our approach to how we think and map our supply chains. This is indispensable for a future that is both sustainable and resilient.

10:45 – 11:10

Session 2A (Conference Room)

Topic: TBC

Speaker:  TBC

Session 2B (Project Room)

Navigating Scope 3 Emission Challenges: Empowering Sustainable Success through Collaboration and Digital Innovation

Maria Lacalle Muls, Logistic Sector Growth, Lune

Can Auchan, Biedronka and Lidl work together in Poland? How reducing emissions improves company's financial KPIs making it more resilient at the same time? Why many think they can't afford the decarbonisation, while in reality - they can't afford not to decarbonise.

11:15 - 11:40

Coffee Break

11:45 – 12:10

Session 3A (Conference Room)

S&OP transformation towards an Integrated Business Planning: A Pathway to Operational Innovation in Supply Chains

Federico Baiocco, VP Supply Chain, Iveco 

In an increasingly complex and dynamic world, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) stands out as a strategic approach for enhancing supply chain efficiency and resilience. The presentation will delve into Iveco Group's ongoing journey towards implementing IBP. We will discuss the challenges encountered, the strategies employed to overcome 'analysis paralysis', and the steps taken towards effectively embedding change within the supply chain operations. Using real-examples, we will explore how the transition towards IBP can foster operational innovation and contribute to the development of sustainable and resilient supply chains.

Session 3B (Project Room)

Forced Labor Challenges 

Suzanne Richer, Managing Director, Global  Trade Practice, Supply Network Consulting  Group Inc.

The global effort to end forced labor in supply chains by 2030 has resulted in a plethora of regulations that are impacting sourcing and supply chain visibility in a way unforeseen. The USA Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) is the most aggressive, authorizing customs authorities to stop shipments at the border. Since its implementation in June 2022, Customs and Border Protection has seized close to 8000 shipments valued at over $2.8 billion. Join the discussion for how the USA and Europe, with its pending updated regulations, are changing how companies manage the visibility of their supply chain, their required screening of partners and the mapping of their imports and exports from raw materials through to manufacturing. The program will outline key steps needed to maintain a resilient supply chain in light of these regulations.

12:15 – 12:40

Session 4A (Conference Room)

Supply Chain Design: a need and a complex task. How to design and simulate the supply chain network of a 1.6 billion distributor.

Igino Colella President, CSCMP Italy

Supply Chain Design requires a concrete methodology, hard work to define hypothesis and find actual costs, and tiring computations to perform simulations. In this case, the largest Electical Distributor in Italy grew from €400 to €1.600 million  in six years so the Top Management decided to redesign the network. The goal: how to cope with new customer expectations, customer centricity, sustainability and cost reduction and optimize all of them! John Gattorna, Igino Colella and Thierry Conte lead the project using Dynamic Supply Chain framework, a simple simulation tool and a very small team, mostly internal.

Session 4B (Project Room)

Best Practices in Supply Chain Sustainability and Reverse Logistics

Professor Jim Stock, University of South Florida

Based on a multi-year research project in Europe, Asia and other regions of the world, examples are provided of company best practices in sustainability, with emphasis on products, warehousing, packaging, product returns and reuse/recycling.

12:45 – 13:10

Session 5A (Conference Room)

Panel Discussion: Achieving Operational Innovation in Supply Chains 

Professor Bram Desmet, Solventure
·       Federico Baiocco, VP Supply Chain, Iveco

·       Jean Bessade, CEO GXO

Moderator:  Igino Collela, President, CSCMP Italy

Session 5B (Project Room)

Panel Discussion: Delivering on Net Zero Goals in Supply Chains

Luca Gelsomino, Assistant Professor, University of Groningen
·       Maria Lacalle Muls, Logistic Sector Growth, Lune

Moderator: TBC

13:15 – 14:15

Lunch Break

14:15 – 14:55

Session 6 (Conference Room)

Title: TBC

Speaker: TBC

15:00 – 15:40

Session 7A (Conference Room)

Keynote Speech

Stanislav Zinchenko, CEO / President CSCMP  Ukraine, GMK Centre

Changing Logistics Routes for Ukraine, Poland and EU After 2 Years of War 

15:45 – 16:10

Coffee Break

16:15 – 17:10

Session 8A: Conference Room

Practical solutions for Ukrainian exporters in 2024

Speaker: TBC

Session 8B (Project Room) 

Ports Roundtable Session 1 - Sea Cargo Operations

·       Other participants TBC

Moderator: Sebastian Wróbel - Think Tank ETA, Global Trade Broadcast

16:45 – 17:10

Session 9: Conference Room

How to work and supply in Ukraine safe for EU and global partners

Speaker: TBA

17:15 – 17:40

Session 10: Conference Room

War lessons for Ukrainian supply chain crisis

Victoria Kobzar, Management Customer Service  and Logistics Country Manager, UA and Moldova,  Mondelez

17:45 – 18:10

Session 11A (Conference Room)

Panel Discussion: Ukraine and Supply Chains 

Victoria Kobzar, Management Customer Service and Logistics Country Manager, UA and Moldova, Mondelez
·       TBC

Moderator: Stanislav Zinchenko, CEO / President CSCMP Ukraine, GMK Centre

Session 11B (Project Room) 

Ports Roundtable Session 2 -  Commerce Development

Tomasz Zwiercan, CEO GLS Poland
·       Other participants TBC

Moderator: TBD

Day 2 - June 21th

18:15 – 18:30

Closing Remarks

Miquel Serracanta, CSCMP Board of Directors Member


Networking Drinks

09:15 – 09:25

Conference Opening and Welcome

Miquel Serracanta, CSCMP Board of Directors Member, and Sebastian Jarzebowski, President, CSCMP Poland

09:25 – 10:05

Keynote Speech

Mark Baxa, CSCMP President and CEO

10:10 – 10:35

Session 1A (Conference Room)

How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Supply Chains

Suzanne Richer, Managing Director, Global Trade Practice, Supply Network Consulting Group Inc.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in supply chain management is escalating and rapidly impacting supply chain management. Dynamic shifts are being realized in the area of intelligent inventory management, AI driven robotics within warehouses, predictive analytics and demand forecasting. Join the conversation for an in-depth analysis of how AI will change risk management and risk mitigation capabilities in global supply chains and implement AI while upskilling teams to manage the process.

Session 1B (Project Room)

Railways Roundtable Session 1 - European Railway Fright Forwarding


·       Jakub Majewski, RN PLK  S.A

·       Janusz Piechociński, President of the Polish Asia Chamber of Commerce and Industry

·       Jacek Piechota, President of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

·       Dr Konrad Popławski, Center for Eastern

·       Prof. Mirosław Antonowicz, Chairman of OSJD

Moderator: TBC

10:40 – 11:10

Session 2A (Conference Room)

Current talent market dynamics for Supply Chain roles: Opportunity or Risk?

Miquel Serracanta, CEO, Solutions Decisions

Due to recent disruptions in global supply chains, a war has been established to attract and retain talent in Supply Chain roles.  Traditionally there was competition for management and executive positions, but now companies also compete in “individual contributor” roles (we will share which are the most sought after today).  To attract and retain the best in the different roles, we will also see which are the most sought after technical (hard) and personal (soft) skills today on day.  Finally, we will give some tips and recommendations for companies seeking to attract talent and for candidates who are considering professional changes.

11:15 - 11:40

Coffee Break

11:35 – 12:10

Session 3A (Conference Room)

Title: New reality in Ukraine – feminization in Supply Chain

Speaker: Diana Piloyan, Freight forwarding expert / CSCMP Ukraine

Session 3B (Project Room)

Railways Roundtable Session 2 - AI in Forecasting


·       Konrad Grondek, MPM Productivity Management

·       Other participants TBC

Moderator: TBC

12:05 – 12:40

Title: TBC

Speaker: TBC

12:35 – 13:10

Session 4A: Conference Room

Panel Discussion: Empowering Supply Chain Decision Makers


·       Suzanne Richer, Managing Director, Global Trade Practice, Supply Network Consulting Group Inc.

·       Diana Piloyan, Freight forwarding expert / CSCMP Ukraine

Moderator: Miquel Serracanta, CEO, Solutions & Decisions

13:05 – 13:20

Conference Close Out 

Mark Baxa, Chairman, CSCMP

Sebastian Jarzebowski, President, CSCMP  Poland

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