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Europe's leading conference for supply chain management professionals is a place for networking and discussion of the impact of the latest trends on the practicalities of supply chains.


The last 4 conferences in 2017-2023 brought together more than

800 companies and 1,500 participants.

Showcase your brand at the CSCMP European Conference!

Experiential and content marketing works! Companies have learned that the best way to strengthen their bonds with customers is by demonstrating thought leadership and creating memorable experiences.

Who attends?

Managers and leaders in supply chain management of the largest European companies, managers and key specialists of leading logistics operators, largest cargo owners.


Who speaks?

Leading European experts in supply chain management, managers of logistics market leaders, top-level professionals.

What will you hear?

  • Key trends and challenges in logistics

  • Practical issues of supply chain management

  • Development of logistics infrastructure

  • Digitalization of logistics and sustainable supply chains

  • Special topic: the long-term impact of the war on logistics infrastructure and logistics flows in Ukraine, Poland and Europe.

What are the benefits of sponsoring?


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Tomas Colonel (International)

Sebastian Jarzębowski (Poland)

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