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With all the disruptions in Supply Chain going on and affecting everyones day to day life it is, again, time to listen and interact with your peers in the industry.
CSCMP Roundtables in Spain (hosting the event), Benelux, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and United Kingdom have joined forces and are organising a 'MUST-GO' event in the summer of 2023.

The speakers will share their experiences and learnings from, sometimes extreme, situations they have manages to mitigate. From blockage of the Suez Canal to port closures and even the impact of acts or war.

How do we do it? And what can we all learn from it to make our supply chains resilient?

Join us, develop into an even more actionable professional, educate yourself and connect with other senior supply chain executives. The boardmembers of CSCMP in Europe are your peers and are bringing knowledge and experience together to improve your supply chains You are more than welcome to join us at the event, in our roundtable events or as a volunteer!

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